iFins Test Centre

iFins test center
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ifins test centre windsurfing kosA good fin makes the difference on a slalom race. But choosing a high-end fin is never easy. Its a rather expensive quest to choose between high-end fins as any mistake results in another fin purchase, so mistakes in choosing cost.

That’s why we developed with iFins International a test centre. You now have the opportunity to choose your next high performance fin in the right model and size, choosing from our vast variety of ready available for testing fins.

All iFins fight club range is available from 28 to 44 cm. You’ll have even the opportunity to test the famous iFins Pure Carbon Nano from Ben Van Der Steen in 32 and 38 cm. We are also Exclusive iFins Retailer in Kos so all theses iFins you’ll test could be directly available for sale after your test ride.

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[themeone_quote color=”#022e91″]We are the first iFins test centre. You can now test with your board the famous iFins Fight Club 34 used by a lot of PWA riders like Ben Van Der Steen, Jordy Vonk, Casper Bouwman, Coen Swijnenburg, etc.[/themeone_quote]