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In our Windsurfing Center you can enjoy and ride some of the most expensive and finest windsurfing gear of the market!

We use 2021 /2022 Tabou Boards and Gaastra Sails , in a wide range that can cover your level and progress!

All rigs and boards are ready to hit the water and give you the best sailing feeling experience.

Windsurfing Boards




For over 15 years the Rocket has provided countless freeride windsurfers with versatility, performance and ease of use for their session of a lifetime. An elaborate mix of controllability in chop, user-friendliness and speed allows everyone to enjoy the Rocket in a wide range of conditions. A low entry rocker ensures easy and early planing as well as control, even when the wind picks up and the chop intensifies. The narrow tail boosts the Rocket’s top speed and makes jibing incredibly easy together with the thin rails. To supply beginners and advanced windsurfers with the same level of comfort, we implemented multiple foot strap positions for all skill levels. The Rocket is ready to accelerate your ride once again and for many years to come.


SIZES 105|115|125|135|145




Not only experienced freeride windsurfers will be fascinated by the easy-to-use planing power of the Bullitt, the whole family and all friends will appreciate the board just as much, making their first steps onto a windsurfing board. Our ever so popular Rocket freeride board with its smooth speed, controllability and easy jibing forms the foundation of the Bullitt’s design with an optimized volume distribution. A large EVA pad offers safety and comfort during the first windsurfing sessions, while multiple foot strap positions allow you to get planing for the very first time and race across the local spot once you’re fully hooked on windsurfing. Each size is specifically designed for its particular field of use with the mid-sized boards featuring an optional centre fin and the 185 a daggerboard.


SIZES 125|135|145|155|185


Making the progression in windsurfing fun and easy is the main goal of the Coolrider.


Families, kids and upcoming windsurfers will appreciate the Coolrider just as much as windsurfing schools.

The Coolrider does not only offer great stability, due to its large volume, but also provides control and maneuverability thanks to the relatively small rails. The Coolrider 230 version features a double deck in the tail for extra maneuverability despite the large volume.

Windsurfing schools from all over the globe constantly provide our development team with their feedback, allowing us to further improve our beginner board. Each Coolrider has a soft EVA foam deck that is comfortable, when climbing onto the board to uphaul or just play around with the family. Rubber protects the board from damages through rocks and a handle at the nose makes the Coolrider easy to carry into the water. This board will not only accelerate your progression in windsurfing, but also offers a fun platform for light-wind summer days with the family and friends.

SIZES 190|230

Windsurfing Sails




The Hybrid evolves from an allround wave sail in the smaller sizes across a versatile freemove line from 5.2 to 6.4 into an easy to use and powerful freeride sail in the biggest sizes. One of our most successful sails was updated with some improvements in detail to reach even better performance in different conditions and fields of use. A new panel layout includes a more compact window eliminating unnecessary seams and weight. We also updated the leech release for an even lighter and smoother feeling, reducing back hand pressure in stronger gusts. A change in the Hybrid’s outline adds more agility and easier manoeuvrability. Enjoy the performance and ease of use of the Hybrid everywhere, you rig it!




The Pilot is a dedicated sail design for riders, who look for the perfect blend of performance, high quality and a maximum value. Everybody, who enjoys a smooth freeride session or is making his first steps into the foot straps will love the Pilot. The relaxed luff curve improves compatibility with nearly any mast brand, making the Pilot an economical sail for families. Super smooth batten rotation, progressive pull and the backhanded profile offer enough power to move and manoeuvre even heavier older boards. The lightweight construction of the Pilot makes it suitable for everybody, who wants to enjoy a smooth windsurfing session.





A perfect sail for schools and beginners making their first steps on a windsurfing board. The Freetime’s heavy-duty Dacron construction is pretty much bulletproof, so you don’t have to worry about damages during the first challenging sessions. Either 1, 3 or 4 battens, depending on the sail size, give the Freetime perfect balance of stability, weight and performance to make learning a breeze. Being light, strong and functional, the Freetime will make you fall in love with Windsurfing from the first session on.




The Rookie rig is the easy choice for kids. Our popular Rookie rigs come with an RDM (reduced diameter) mast and RDM extension in 3 simple sizes, 3.0m / 3.5m / 4.0m.

We all know how fearless kids can be and we’ve built a rig to last, whilst keeping it as lightweight as possible with easy handling. Designed for not only their first days on the water but their first days planing, first chop hops, first gybes and even for riding their first wave. The Rookie rig will simply allow them to have more fun.